Android Things for IoT

Google recently announced the Developer Preview for Android Things, a comprehensive way to build IoT products with the power and security of Android. This talk will show how developers can use familiar tools such as Android Studio and the Android SDK to easily develop IoT software, and then to scale the hardware from a single […]

Eco-friendly hardware hacking with android

Blinking an led without firmware and micros scavenging scrap hardware the missing endpoint some fancy java code how fast can you go? Galvanic isolation scavenging more scrap hardware I need more power a scrap ATX is your best friend Digital inputs you get those for free!! (well, with a little more java code) Adventures in […]

Client and server, 3 meters above the Cloud

In an era where we can connect everything everywhere, no client is an island entire of itself: every client is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. From mainframes to IoT and the cloud above, paradigms keeps on changing: who is the client and who is the server? Who can fail and […]

Smart-Watches as Paradigm-Shifting Players in IoT: A System for Connecting Intensive Care Doctors and their Patients

Most of the wearable applications are developed for patients’ smart-watches to detect their body-motion, body-temperature, physical exercises and amount of sleep [6]. Otherwise, monitoring systems are also used in specialized medical applications, as for the home monitoring in dementia care [7] or for patients with specific illness [8,9]. Continuous monitoring concept is extremely important and […]

Spinning the Physical Web with Android and Bluetooth 5

Introducing Bluetooth beaconsFundamentals – how beacons leverage Bluetooth low energy capabilities- see Bluetooth advertising in actionBeacon types – iBeacon, AltBeacon and EddystoneBeacon advertising data formats explainedEddystone frame typesAndroid and the fundmental classes involved in detecting and responding to beaconsCode samplesBeacons and application issues and challengesLive demonstrations including a real dinosaur using BBC micro:bits acting as […]

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