DSC02722 Ben Weiss

Developer Programs Engineer @ Google

Ben is a Developer Programs Engineer at the Android Developer Relations team at Google.
He’s been working with Android since the first public release.
Recently his focus was on Animations, Transitions, Android Instant Apps and Kotlin.

Ben’s Speech:

Migrating from installed to instant app, a retrospective

Android Instant Apps has been available to developers since Google I/O 2017.
A lot has happened in the meantime. The amount of devices ready for Android Instant Apps is growing steadily, currently at more than 800 million activated devices, as is amount of available instant apps.
Code samples have been published and conference sessions were held.
Questions on forums were asked and answered. Bugs were raised and triaged.

This session doesn’t cover anything of the above, but will show my approach when migrating the Topeka sample to an instant app with multiple, independent feature modules and what I learned.
Topeka is a non-trivial sample application with custom sign in, animations, transitions and several Activities and Fragments.

I’ll talk about the steps I took and explain the rationale behind them. This will enable you to experiment with Android Instant Apps until you feel your instant app is ready for deployment to production. If you’re experimenting with instant apps, you’ll have enough to get started and to make a demo for your team. If you’re committed to making an instant app, you’ll learn how to reduce friction during the refactoring while still maintaining a codebase you can ship from.

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