9MS3A-hJ Taylor Ling

Design Co-Founder @ Fabulous Co.

Taylor is a Digital Product Designer and is always passionate about great user experience. Previously he worked at a 3D printing company on their life-saving medical software before joining Snappymob, a startup in Kuala Lumpur, which allows him to make a difference in the local mobile app development scene by creating high-quality apps that users love. He is also the design co-founder of Fabulous, a habit-forming companion that received Material Design Award from Google Design team.

Taylor’s Speech:

Design Tools and Handoffs

The talk is about all the tooling used by the speaker in designing UI and Interactions at Fabulous and how the handover happened between design and dev team to ensure best quality app implementation. It also talks about some of the common obstacles in efficient communication between designer and developer and how to address them for better communication.

This is mainly aimed as a sharing to the developers on what/how a usual designer used for designing, and what are some of the tools that can help in better communication between designer and developer.

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