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Android is the most popular mobile platform worldwide. The droidcon conference has influenced the Android ecosystem from the very early stages, that is since 2009. In February 2014 the community is invited to Turin for the first time.

Android is no longer just a smartphone and tablet technology. The system and the platform increasingly pervade other product groups, particularly in the embedded space. At the same time, the human-machine interfaces change. Just think of Google’s Glass project or the gamification trend, applying typical game elements to fields beyond gaming. New hardware is created, payment methods are evolving. All this allows for new interaction and business models, to the point of the development of individual hardware and ROMs. In effect, the Android ecosystem evolves rapidly and is gaining importance, both in the economic and private fields.
droidcon is slated to map all this and hereby calls on all players in the Android ecosystem for the fifth time to present their projects, concepts and ideas in Turin.
This call for papers is aimed at

  • in the first place: developers (freelance and hired)
  • companies developing software (apps, tools, frameworks etc.)
  • research institutions with Android relevant activities
  • operators of mobile networks
  • providers of network-based value-added services
  • manufacturers of hardware and components (phones, mini notebooks, tablets, automotive solutions, photo frames etc.)
  • companies, organisations (e. g. NGOs) and individuals using information/communication technology with Android
  • companies utilizing Android in the services and products they sell – from ad agencies to car manufacturers

If you belong to one of those groups you are cordially invited to submit a talk proposal (or a number of proposals). An independent program committee assesses the submissions and selects the actual conference talks. There is no guarantee, however, that a submission will be put onto the conference agenda.

The program committee is looking forward to receiving proposals from the following subject areas:

Developing for Android: the particularities – for example:

  • techniques, methods, concepts
  • support for developers in everyday work (Maven, Ant, Libraries etc.)
  • cross Development
  • making money with Android, licenses, the market ecosystem

Android beyond smartphones and tablets – for example:

  • Home Automation
  • Machine-to-Machine
  • automotive solutions
  • individual hardware and ROMs
  • game consoles

Android in the business – for example:

  • working in big companies as an Android developer
  • Android solutions in the enterprise
  • roll-out of Android solutions
  • Mobile payment
  • apps fort he publishing and media market
  • security, secure devices

Consumer Apps – for example:

  • new hardware
  • use cases for new kinds of devices
  • communication
  • infotainment
  • TV apps

Games – for example:

  • trends
  • development
  • monetization

Marketing – for example:

  • app Stores
  • User Interfaces and Experience (UI, UX)
  • how to market one’s apps
  • marketing of Android apps and services for company use (B2B)
  • strategies for consumer marketing (B2C)
  • games

Trends in Android technology – for example:

  • new technological developments (bleeding edge)
  • new frameworks
  • new sensors
  • new picturing system

Android hardware – for example:

  • new audio and video technology and what it enables
  • sensors
  • accessories
  • Google TV
  • handsets
  • embedded Android
  • Arduino

Android as a platform – for example:

  • future versions (Android 4.x, 5.0)
  • features
  • cross-platform migrations
  • APIs
  • hardware architectures
  • future perspectives
  • licenses
  • market environment

Selected submitters are requested to hand in their slide deck until December 20, 2013. Necessary updates can be made after this date. Speakers get a complimentary ticket (bought tickets are refunded if necessary)

Check list for submissions

  • Abstract comprehensive, but still brief and understandable? – An abstract of not more than 1500 characters in length should not leave open questions and should pique curiosity for the talk.
  • Android specific? – Does the talk deal with topics which are not only of general interest but with regard to Android in particular?
  • Expertise? – In case you submit a technical talk: Does it offer a higher level of expertise than general and widely published information for developers?
  • Innovation? – In case you present an app, framework, etc.: Is the presented technology innovative in the sense that it provides features which have not yet been available under Android?
  • Language: droidcon is an international conference. For that reason, we highly recommend to submit abstracts and slides in English or Italian and prepare an English or Italian language talk.  – Please note: A talk will be announced in the program table in the language of its presentation.

Send your papers using the following form or sending an e-mail to (Subject: CfP submission)

Any questions? Turn to our staff,; (Subject: CfP droidcon)