Think Like a Designer

Design is a key aspect to creating a great app and standing out in the store. But you’re not a designer; what can you do?! Learn some of the techniques that designers use to help you to think like a designer or work better with one. Learn how design principles make your app better and […]

Essential tools and tips for an effective design workflow

The beginning of my career as a designer has been quite tough… While in the iOS fairytale world I had to design for few devices, Android was challenging me with his army made of thousand different screens… And often I didn’t have any clue if what I was doing was right. I was constantly asking […]

Backend for Android Developers

We believe that every Android developer should be able to write a simple but powerful backend without having to maintain a massive boilerplate codebase. So, what’s better than a Java framework and a NoSQL database for storing your data? Moreover, the client code can become really hard to maintain when dealing with common tasks such […]

Building a maintainable app using MVP and Dagger 2

Very few concepts shook up the Android world as MVP and Dagger 2 did. MVP gave us a long-awaited clean architecture in Android apps, while Dagger 2 brought it to a whole new level by removing all the boilerplate code that we don’t like writing. In this talk I will demonstrate the benefits of the […]

Internal Library Dependency Management

As your app code gets larger and more complex, it makes sense to break your project out into smaller reusable components. But what’s the best way to do this? How can you clearly version your internal libraries? What kind of setup and maintenance can you expect? How much could it slow down development time? In […]

Distribute your libraries via Maven, even privately

In order to remain cost effective reusing code is one of the most essentials skills of a modern Android developer. Using open source libraries is one thing, but what if there isn’t a library available that suits your need? How would you go about to develop and distribute this library yourself? This talk aims at […]

Loving Lean Layouts

XML layouts are a fundamental part of Android development at all levels. Getting started is straightforward but creating efficient layouts while still achieving a high-level of control takes some practice and a few tricks. In this session we will look at creating lean yet lovely layouts. We will discuss use cases and best practices for […]

The 2016 Android Developer Toolbox

Developing for Android has drastically changed over the last few years. We now have a gigantic toolbox we can benefit from to improve our productivity and build better applications. During this presentation I will introduce some of the tools we use daily at happn, a multi-million users French dating application. I will talk about many […]

To ∞ (~65K) and beyond!

It’s 2016 even for us, Android developers. We can expect lots of new awesome libraries, services and tools to make our life easier. Unfortunately though, among many of the problems that we carry over from the past years, the loathed, dreadful, why-in-the-name-of-Andy-Rubin limit of 65536 methods is the most notable of them. This talk focuses […]