Internal Library Dependency Management

As your app code gets larger and more complex, it makes sense to break your project out into smaller reusable components. But what’s the best way to do this? How can you clearly version your internal libraries? What kind of setup and maintenance can you expect? How much could it slow down development time? In […]

To ∞ (~65K) and beyond!

It’s 2016 even for us, Android developers. We can expect lots of new awesome libraries, services and tools to make our life easier. Unfortunately though, among many of the problems that we carry over from the past years, the loathed, dreadful, why-in-the-name-of-Andy-Rubin limit of 65536 methods is the most notable of them. This talk focuses […]

Android Library A-Z

In almost every Android app project, you use a variety of libraries. This talk covers some of the most used libraries. While developing an Android app, you rely on loads of 3rd party libraries to make your life easier. Need persistence? No problem. Need to access a REST API? No problem. Need to handle images […]