Essential tools and tips for an effective design workflow

The beginning of my career as a designer has been quite tough… While in the iOS fairytale world I had to design for few devices, Android was challenging me with his army made of thousand different screens… And often I didn’t have any clue if what I was doing was right. I was constantly asking […]

Building a maintainable app using MVP and Dagger 2

Very few concepts shook up the Android world as MVP and Dagger 2 did. MVP gave us a long-awaited clean architecture in Android apps, while Dagger 2 brought it to a whole new level by removing all the boilerplate code that we don’t like writing. In this talk I will demonstrate the benefits of the […]

Facebook Infer: A static analyzer for catching bugs before you ship

Static analyzers are automated tools that spot bugs in source code by scanning programs without running them. They complement traditional dynamic testing: Where testing allows individual runs through a piece of software to be checked for correctness, static analysis allows multiple and sometimes even all flows to be checked at once. Infer is a static […]

The 2016 Android Developer Toolbox

Developing for Android has drastically changed over the last few years. We now have a gigantic toolbox we can benefit from to improve our productivity and build better applications. During this presentation I will introduce some of the tools we use daily at happn, a multi-million users French dating application. I will talk about many […]