Think Like a Designer

Design is a key aspect to creating a great app and standing out in the store. But you’re not a designer; what can you do?! Learn some of the techniques that designers use to help you to think like a designer or work better with one. Learn how design principles make your app better and […]

Essential tools and tips for an effective design workflow

The beginning of my career as a designer has been quite tough… While in the iOS fairytale world I had to design for few devices, Android was challenging me with his army made of thousand different screens… And often I didn’t have any clue if what I was doing was right. I was constantly asking […]

Crafting Great Hypotheses

Building business apps is no joke. As designers, we are often asked to create apps that have the wow factor, they need to be distinctive, and we are rarely appreciated when we create something pragmatic, something that simply works. Moving forward in the face of uncertainty, it is essential to devise a plan, an UX […]

We are all on Team UX

Designers and developers can make a powerful team, but we’ve noticed that sometimes miscommunication or differing perspectives can keep the product from reaching its full potential. In our talk we give you practical tools to facilitate productive communication between developers and designers & increase the overall user experience of your products. Gain insight into how […]


Do you know what it takes to have a good mobile User eXperience? Are you adding the features to make your Android application taste like more. Is your design good enough? Wiebe Elsinga will share is experience on what good and bad UX is, hoping to show you how to become a better developer and/or […]