Android Data Binding in action using MVVM pattern

The Data Binding framework was one of Google’s announcements at I/O 2015, it’s a big change in the code organization of an Android app. Some developers are sceptical about this framework but, if used in the “right way”, it’s very powerful and it allows to remove a lot of redundant boilerplate code from activities and fragments.

In this talk we’ll start from the Data Binding basic concepts and then we’ll see how to use it to improve the architecture of a typical Android application applying the Model View ViewModel pattern. Using this pattern you need to write less code to create an app that can be easily tested using JVM and instrumentation tests.

Data Binding MVVM
Location: Sala Parigi Date: 8 April 2016 Time: 14,30 - 15,20 fabio-collini Fabio Collini