Are you looking for a realtime infrastructure behind your mobile app? Well, Firebase may be what you need..and even more!

In 2011 two guys founded a startup about an online chat service with the target of letting any developers easily integrate it inside their web app.
But what happened as result?! Just one year later, the founders realized that these developers were using their chat APIs in a non-conventional manner:they were using them for data synchronization within realtime software environment!
So Firebase was born! Growing up as Cloud Database, today supported by Google, it presents itself as a powerful platform for mobile and web applications.
With this talk I’ll give you an overview and an introduction to the Firebase NoSQL database, how to integrate it into your Android app and how to put it into a realtime context!
We’ll have a short demo during the talk, download the app from Play Store at

Firebase Trends
Location: Sala Parigi Date: 7 April 2016 Time: 15,30 - 16,20 1917144_10153329180131279_7184471159636361439_n Alessandro Martellucci