Adaptable architecture for agencies. Sharing our experience.

We work in a team that delivery many apps every months for different customers with completely different needs,from apps with a very short lifecycle (i.e. events/kiosk) to apps with a large users base which requires improvements, updates and bugs fixing for years. In the past year we have designed and developed our architecture which is […]

Write once, ship multiple times

“Code once, rebrand and ship it multiple times” – sounds like a dream come true. Whitelabel apps have many advantages: there is only one codebase to maintain, all changes have to be made only once (new features, bug fixes)… By rebranding the UI, you can get completely different apps with different UX. This shouldn’t be […]

Gophers are coming: Go programming language in the land of Android

Talk will expand on following: What is Go?Why Go?Why on Android?Gomobile introductionBuilding native Go applicationsBuilding Go libraries for use in Java appsDemo showing setup and build processDemo showing calling Go from Java and callbacks into Java from GoGotchas and caveatsIntroduction to using Go to build native and SDK apps on Android Level Intermediate

Architectural Superpowers

I will start with a very brief theoretical introduction to the usage of factories and the dependency inversion principle. From there on, this is a live coding session where I will start from a properly architected app and show how it helps to do things such as reusing an existing use case in another view controller, […]

Mystique development and Arcane knowledge

Design Patterns are a very important tool in a developer’s life: we can call them effective (and well-known) solutions to common problems. We know and use many of them (probably without even knowing it), and here’s where this talk wants to get: let’s dive into the most important design patterns and learn how to use […]

How to reactively load and cache data without even trying.

Android has a wealth of open source libraries covering everything from network clients to UI frameworks. Something that is missing is a library to help load data from multiple sources, particularly 2 levels of caching + network. NY Times has recently open sourced such a library built on RxJava, Guava + OKIO which will dramatically […]