Continuous Delivery with ease

Requirement: Bring your own laptop with Android Studio installed and ready to create and run new, empty project. workshop Outline: Do you create builds for your client frequently? Maybe every day? That’s good, because you can get feedback early and often… unless you do that manually, pushing APKs via mail or to some app testing […]

Make your Android Studio Plugin

How much time have you spent copying and pasting the same code in all your projects? How many times have you asked if all these steps could be executed by an automatism? The answer could be to build a plugin integrated with Android studio that can do all this stuff for you. In this talk […]

Continuous Deployment on Android with the Publishing API

- Continuous Delivery x Continuous Deployment – Configuring the credentials to allow the bot access to the API – How AppEdits work via the Publishing API – Configuring attributes and updating the app! So you have already configured your unit tests, integration and acceptance tests, and you’re automatically building your APK on every merged Pull […]

Write once, ship multiple times

“Code once, rebrand and ship it multiple times” – sounds like a dream come true. Whitelabel apps have many advantages: there is only one codebase to maintain, all changes have to be made only once (new features, bug fixes)… By rebranding the UI, you can get completely different apps with different UX. This shouldn’t be […]

How do I background? Keeping services in check

Android 7.0 Nougat brought the first taste of background restrictions by deprecating a few of the most (ab)used broadcasts and a special developer mode setting to impose even more restrictions on your apps. In this session I will explore some common patterns and scenarios used for background execution today and how to future-proof them for […]

A New Hope

In this day and age, the Android UI is getting more and more features. Which is amazing. But they get layered on top of years of TODOs, less-than-clean code, and quick patches. This means the APIs are not as terse as us devs would like, and there’s plenty of unwritten knowledge to have to make […]

What’s NNNNNNNNew in Android Security?

Android N brings a plethora of security enhancements to the platform and the SDK. Including Network Layer Security, Hardware-backed Keystore, APK Signing v2, Scoped Directory Access and Direct Boot. Network security has seen a huge update in terms of securing HTTPS/TLS connections safely. Without the need for code changes you can use the new Network […]

RxJava 2 for the rest of us

The Reactive Extensions for the JVM, better known as RxJava, have become a popular tool in Android development over the past years. Many new and existing libraries added support for Rx and “reactive” solutions to existing problems popped up over time. RxJava is both known for it’s power and it’s steep learning curve, so if […]

Android High Performance Baby

This session will show you how to wring the most from any hardware your app is installed on, so you can increase your reach and engagement. An introduction to state–of-the-art Android techniques and the importance of performance in an Android application will be introduced, and later we will slowly walk through the Android SDK tools […]


During the past years we have been discussing and iterating over our mobile application architecture at Karumi, and the result of all that work is called Rosie. Rosie is a framework that helps application development by focusing on three pillars that we consider very important: testability, code scalability y code readability. This talk is not […]