Android for Everyone

In 2007, was launched Android, a free and open-source operating system. Smartphones back then were an expensive rarity. We wanted to change that — to stimulate innovation and increase choice for consumers — and it worked. Android means manufacturers don’t have to buy or build expensive mobile operating systems. As a result, smartphones have become […]

How do I background? Keeping services in check

Android 7.0 Nougat brought the first taste of background restrictions by deprecating a few of the most (ab)used broadcasts and a special developer mode setting to impose even more restrictions on your apps. In this session I will explore some common patterns and scenarios used for background execution today and how to future-proof them for […]

Android First

In the global election of mobile platforms, the world has spoken and it wants Android. So why is it still the tech world’s second choice? Let’s take an honest, no-holds-barred look at our industry’s greatest failure — the phenomenon of the iOS-first launch — and what it means for the past, present, and future of […]