Does it Work? Did you test it?

In this talk Derek and Kirk will share with you how to test an app without a dedicated QA team, and this will be appealing to you if you’re part of a smaller development shops where formal QA hasn’t been established. This talk is meant to be a higher-level overview into general QA process; it […]

Testing Android apps based on Dagger and RxJava

In this talk, you will learn: how to take advantage of Mockito and other libraries to write good JVM and Espresso tests how to use DaggerMock (an open source library available on github to avoid boilerplate code in tests how to test asynchronous RxJava code using a JVM test Writing reliable tests is not […]

Kotlin: A Followup

At this point in time, most Android developers have heard of Kotlin and are familiar with some of its advantages. In previous talks, I’ve covered why and how developers in large companies can attempt to introduce a new language, and all of it’s associated paradigms, into a legacy codebase. In this talk, we’ll cover some […]

Architectural Superpowers

I will start with a very brief theoretical introduction to the usage of factories and the dependency inversion principle. From there on, this is a live coding session where I will start from a properly architected app and show how it helps to do things such as reusing an existing use case in another view controller, […]