Create your first Chatbot

Create your first Chat-Bot using Telegram and an Arduino compatible board. 2016 is considered to be the year of conversational UI. Several services like newspaper, financial analysis website or even apps (i.e. Uber) are migrating their functionalities into this new scenario. Chat-Bots which, inside Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, WeChat, offer the same functionalities of other services […]

Continuous Delivery with ease

Requirement: Bring your own laptop with Android Studio installed and ready to create and run new, empty project. workshop Outline: Do you create builds for your client frequently? Maybe every day? That’s good, because you can get feedback early and often… unless you do that manually, pushing APKs via mail or to some app testing […]

Android Things and VR to create engaging casual games

Requirement: An Android smartphone and a laptop. We suggest to pre-install Android Studio and Unity 5.5 to save time! If you like, you can bring your Android Things devices, as Raspberry PI 3, Intel Edison or Intel Joule. Workshop Outline: IoT and Virtual Reality have both tremendous trends in growth, yet they are quite separated […]