Hackathon Rules

How does it work
In the context of Droidcon 2018 that will take place in Turin in the weekend of 14-15 April 2018, Synesthesia SRL (registered office  in Corso Dante 118, 10126 Turin) promote an educational activity leveraging technical and scientific skills (“Hackathon”) about “Application” development on the Android operating system. The themes will be published on www.droidcon.it and will be presented before the beginning of the Hackathon.

1. Participation

a) Fill our sign-up form. On-site last minute registrations will be accepted if the maximum number of participants has not yet been reached. b) You need to be at least 18 years old to participate to the Hackathon. Participants must accept the rules. c) Participants can sign up individually or as a group. The group may be composed of a maximum of 5 people. One of the members assumes the role of group representative. d) The maximum number of participants to the Hackathon is 80. Registration will be closed as soon as this number is reached. The closure of the registration will be published online. After registration closes, if you sing-up, you will be included in a “waiting list” and accepted in case of renunciation from current participants. e) Participants may not be employees, interns, coworker and / or holders of any positions at Synesthesia SRL, based in Turin Italy or any other entity related to the Hackathon event or to the provisioning of prizes and its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates or companies under common control, and their respective directors, officers, employees, advertising and promotion agencies, representatives and agents, as well as their close relatives and /or live-in partners. f) Synesthesia SRL and partners reserve the right to verify the eligibility of participants and to decide on any dispute at any time and solely in its discretion,  the right to disqualify any individual found in violation of the rules (“Rules”). g)By signing up to the Hackathon the Participants will assign copyrights of their projects to Synesthesia SRL and to the Sponsors

2. Hackathon Details

a) The Hackathon will start at 9:00 on Saturday, April 14 and will end at 18:00 on Sunday, April 15, 2018. Check-in will open at  9:00 am for registration, the awards ceremony will take place at about 17:00 on Sunday, April 22th. b) The work sessions will be inspired to the themes published online. Themes will be presented before starting the concept design. c) Participants can choose whether to develop a new application or to improve and extend already existing open-source code. d) Participants will bring and use their own computers. On-site wifi connection will be available. e) A food and beverage service will be provided by the organization. f) Projects must be submitted by Sunday at 16:00 to the jury composed by Synesthesia internal personnel and partners/sponsors. g) Each participant or group representative group will have to pitch the project in 5 minutes at the end of the work sessions on Sunday. A working prototype even if not  100% complete needs to be provided. h) The projects must be developed for the Android platform. It is allowed to use open source software components.  

3. Warranties

By participating to the Hackathon every participants must guarantee that the “project” developed: (a) will not violate any norm related to Intellectual Property, authorship and other third party rights and will explicitly bind himself and related individuals involved to release Syntesthesia SRL and partners from any liability and to hold harness, substantially and procedurally, from any responsibilities, damage, loss, cost or expense even of legal nature which Synesthesia and partners have to cope with due to any intellectual property and trademarks claims. If third parties interests are involved, the participants must previously get all the needed authorizations and licenses from the respective Intellectual property and trademarks owners. (b) It must be conceived and developed during the Hackathon event with the exception of initial software components that must be exclusively open source. (c) It does not include in any form and shape defamatory content that can damage the name, the honor and the reputation of  Synesthesia srl, partners and any other individual or company. (e) It does not include any pornographic or sexual discriminatory material of any form, including discrimination on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and political orientation of individuals or groups nor material that promotes violence.  

4. Projects selection

All the Projects will be evaluated according to the terms and conditions of the Hackathon (“Rules”) by a jury that will guarantee that the Projects are suitable for the Hackathon and that will comply with the Hackathon rules. The following evaluation criteria will be used:
  1. Idea novelty and related innovation
  2. Quality of the design (UX/UI – Interaction)
  3. Quality of the technical implementation
  4. Quality of the presentation to the jury
  5. Potential economical impact and sustainability
  6. Usage of APIs and software / hardware tools proposed by the partners.

5. Winners and awards

The best idea will be awarded solely  at the discretion of the jury. The jury will reward the group or the individual author of the winning idea with prizes that consist in technology assets (hardware, software) or services provided by Synesthesia and/or partner companies. The jury reserves the right not to award any prize at its solely discretion in absence of ideas deemed interesting. Other prizes  may be awarded to deserving ideas. Prize and partner companies details will be published on the site www.droidcon.it and announced before the beginning of the competition.  


Synesthesia SRL and  partners  reserve the rights to exclude any Participant from the Hackathon where such individual is found to be in violation of the rules or it is reasonable to think that such violation took place. Synesthesia srl and partners has no obligation to inform such individuals of the reasons of their exclusion. Synesthesia srl and partners reserve the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the Hackathon event barring any unforeseen delays or any acts of God, without any liability. The rules and program will be updated accordingly as needed. Synesthesia SRL and partners are not liable in any form if the access  and/or browsing of  the Hackathon internet web  site  are difficult or impossible for the Participants. By signing up to the Hackathon the Participants bind themselves to release Synesthesia and its partners from any liability and to hold them harmless, substantially and procedurally, from any responsibilities, damage, loss, cost or expense even of legal nature which Synesthesia and partners have to cope with due to willful misconduct and negligence.  

7. Disputes

Participation to the Hackathon implies full implicit acceptance of the Rules without any reserve.  Any dispute of any kind related to the Rules and/or to the Hackathon will be resolved solely at the discretion of Synesthesia SRL and its partners.  

8. Applicable Law

These  Rules are governed by the  Italian law. Any dispute with respect to the Hackathon shall be referred  to the  Court of Turin.  

9. Personal details

Synesthesia SRL and its partners will handle personal data of Participants in accordance with the Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 – “Right to access to personal data and other rights”. Further details are available at: http://synesthesia.it/en/privacy-policy    
Droidcon is a registered trademark by Mobile Seasons GmbH
Organised by Synesthesia srl