14-15 April 2018



Turin – Italy

TAG – Talent Garden Torino

Hackathon sponsors
  • Meet with like-minded Android-ers, share your ideas and create new solutions.
  • Engage with expert mentors and judges.
  • See your ideas really come to life , in the space of 48 hours.
  • Eat great pizza .
How does it work

>> All hackathon participants meet on Saturday morning (14th April). The hackathon sponsors outline the themes for the hackathon, this year all under the umbrella of ‘Android for Business’, and the prizes associated to each theme. Participants pitch their ideas for development (the themes are also released in advance of the hackathon so that participants have the chance to pre-plan their ideas).
>> Everyone divides into teams and, for the rest of Saturday, overnight, and most of Sunday, works on developing & building the ideas into full fledged, operational solutions.
>> Sunday evening, work stops and each team presents their solution to the judges and all of the participants.
>> Thursday morning (19th April) the judges award the winner and runner-up prizes for each theme category after the opening droidcon conference keynote presentation. You can see more detail in the hackathon rules.
>> FYI, participants must bring their own hardware (i.e. laptop, PCs, mobile devices, extension cords, etc.)
>> Tutors and Mentors will be available in situ during the hackaton to assist all the participants.
Why participate
The droidcon hackathon is your chance to begin making contacts and building relationships that you can follow up at the conference. The hackathon is about Android development in general, with particular focus on new trends such as wearable, IoT, AndroidTV and Android Auto, so it is also a chance to dive into those areas and build your skills .
The hackathon will be held the weekend before droidcon Italy: from 9:00 Saturday 14 April to 18:00 Sunday 15 April 2018 . It is important to be present Saturday morning at 9:00 to complete your registration and receive all of the briefing information. Participants stay for the whole duration of the competition (day and night), food & beverage is provided. On Thursday (19 April) morning the prizes are awarded at the droidcon conference.
All winning teams will be invited to droidcon Italy 2018. The prize giving ceremony will be April 19 at 6 pm in the main stage of droidcon Italy
>> Google: 5 Android Things Starter Kit
>> Web Marketing Festival: 5 tickets for Web Marketing Festival + 5 tickets for Search Marketing Connect + 30 video per member of the team
>> And-Italia: 500€ fixed-term contract
>> Synesthesia: 5 droidcon Italy 2019 tickets

IoT (using Google android things starter kit)

Security within IoT is a problem that is experienced more and more. Together with the issue of user privacy there are increasing threats from systems that constantly collect information, sometimes without the knowledge of users and with purposes that are not always transparent.
This theme proposes the creation of solutions to address the problem or alternatively raise users’ awareness of the problem
AB: The theme gives the opportunity to explore in terms of security the possibility of access to IT systems in a multimodal way through IoT i.d. devices.
Regarding privacy, the theme allows you to explore solutions that report continuously through IoT devices, as the level of privacy the user has in relation to what he / she is doing.

AND-ITALIA (using Sanbot)

Robotic technology is an increasingly important trend in everyday life. Sanbot is an intelligent robot that allows you to bring the potential of cloud and artificial intelligence in the areas of retail, hospitality, education, health and in many other areas of personal services with intelligent and customized solutions.
Our request is the creation of an ANDROID APP and the implementation of it in SANBOT, in order to find an application of the robot in a scenario of your invention (for example, the presence of the robot inside an event with a facial recognition of participants, sales assistant in a shop, taking-order robot for fast-foods, and also can be used to receive payments via Satispay or Contactless system, etc …)
Mandatory elements are:
  • Speech recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Use of artificial intelligence
  • Human-robot interaction
For the development of the application the use of the Azure platform is recommended.
Main information for developers:
Here the git repository: https://github.com/andItalia/And_Hackathon All information can be found on README on git repository page.
Robot SDK https://www.qihancloud.com/dev/index/index.html

VOLUMIO (using Volumio)

Music is the most pervasive art of our times: we do listen to it at home, in stores, when relaxing, when travelling and there are good chances that you’re listening to music while reading this.
Technology has made music available quickly and with a huge freedom of choice, nonetheless, besides reccomendations we don’t have invented new ways of discover new music.
Your goal at this hackaton is to create new interactive experiences in relation to music discovery and consumption. You can use computer vision, ambient sensors or any interactive technology to create new musical experiences.


Fake News has truly become a social problem, capable of significantly impacting social and political activities. The major vehicle for Fake News is social networks, and the major culprits of Fake News are population groups with medium or low digital culture.
CHALLENGE A: The proposed challenge is therefore to create an Android app that allows you to carry out education activities for this target, including engagement and reward logic (e.g.: games that simulate the possible sharing of information, some real other obviously fake or activities aimed directly at reporting news and collaborative rating of the sources or automatic ranking systems based on machine learning).
CHALLENGE B: The proposed challenge is to create a system (app + cloud processing) capable of evaluate the level of ‘credibility’ of the content of a certain news presented through a web page. For this purpose, there are various methods which, for example, determine the level of credibility of a news based on the opinion of my closest and most reliable contacts or by comparing the news to other related news or by establishing the level of authenticity. of the sources from which the news comes.
You can use this tool for content sentiment analysis (code documentation in the folder): https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1CKI-qxn6fyLFO7TQUrjrVR70Vt4F9REq
The winners of this hackathon will have the opportunity to continue the activity at Hackathon on the Fake News of the 2018 Web Marketing Festival from 21 to 23 June in Rimini, focusing on the distribution, customer acquisition and economic and social sustainability of the project.
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