Bianca Brancaleone

UX Consultant


Bianca Brancaleone
UX Consultant - self-employed
I work as a UX Consultant today but started my career as soon as I could handle a computer, creating websites as homework in high school. I studied Multimedia Design and got a specialization in Information Architecture - I have been professionally building the Web since 2005.

Also, I'm a Google Developer Expert in Product Design and Sprint Master Certified and the co-founder of e-commerce focused in geek niche. I'm based in Sorocaba, a big town near São Paulo, and I'm one of the Women Techmakers leads in the city.

Do you know how many hours you spend on your mobile phone? How many times do you pick it up?

Studies show that an average person spends up to 4 hours daily on their phones, almost half of them scrolling in some kind of social media.

Most of the time, at some moment, people are not even happy anymore using some apps, still, they cannot help themselves and just keep opening alerts and notifications from these apps every day, even every hour.

We are all consumers of digital products but, more than that, we are its creators.

Autoplay, infinite scroll, notifications about everything - we know how to make people spend more time than they actually want on our apps, we know how to grab their attention, create a habit - not good ones sometimes - and maybe we are creating meaningless experiences just to win the attention race, and maybe we are trapped in these "features" too.

I will talk about Ethical Design: how can we be aware of non-ethical designs? How to create a better relationship with technology and develop digital products that respect the people that are going to use it.
Main stage
04 April 2019 10:00 - 10:40


  • Design UI/UX