Sebastiano Gottardo

Engineering Manager for Android


Sebastiano Gottardo
Engineering Manager for Android - Blinkist
Sebastiano is a CS M.Sc. currently working at Blinkist as an Engineering Manager for Android. He is passionate about mobile security and cutting edge technologies, matured while working with companies like Megavideo, Musixmatch and Clue. He now actively contributes to the Android community with online articles and tutorials, and is part of the Google Developer Expert program for Android.

As engineers, we easily default to the idea that becoming experts in our field is the only reasonable way of progressing with our careers. But who will oversee that our career is developing in the right direction? Who makes sure that, may a tension arise within the team, it is resolved in the quickest and most effective way possible? Could that person... could that be you?

Join me as I walk you through my decision to try the Engineering Management career path, and the fresh feedback of my first 6 months in. We will explore the myth (or reality?) of "the manager who codes", how different (or similar?) the role is to a "regular" Software Engineer, and see what skills from your previous role you will need to have, and which new ones you'll need to build up.

Come find out if the cliches about playing golf and spending all day on emails and spreadsheets are true or not! 👩‍💻👨‍💻
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05 April 2019 16:20 - 17:10


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