Computer Says No — Static analysis and CI in a Kotlin world
Sebastiano Poggi , Neil Hutchison

Even though Android is a mature platform by now, the adoption of Kotlin at Google I/O 2017 brought about a sweeping wave of freshness and enthusiasm amongst developers. Regardless of what the language and design patterns we use when writing an app, there is only one way to ensure correctness and quality: testing, static analysis and continuous integration.
Many still think that setting up a CI for your project is hard, onerous, and not that useful, but we’re going to see how this is not true. Focusing on static analysis and unit testing, we’ll walk through setting up a continuous integration pipeline for a modern open source Android project using Gradle, CircleCI and Kotlin. We’ll see what benefits this brings to a codebase and how with a few tricks we can make sure external contributors adhere to the project code style, how we can prevent subtle bugs to sneak into the codebase, all with very little effort and zero budget.
Right stage
04 April 2019 12:30 - 13:20


  • Best practices
  • CI/CD
  • Static Analysis