14 July 11:00 CET – Powered by AWS

A clean(er) architecture for Android

There are many ways to architect an Android app, but only some of them leads to a clean architecture. Kotlin can help us building cleaner, maintainable and reusable architectures for our Android projects.

Andrea Maglie

CTO @ Metide

I’m a software engineer, Java developer for long time, Kotlin lover. I used to get my hands dirty with Android and virtual assistants.

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21 July 15:00 CET – Powered by Bluetooth

Landing your next gig

In this talk, we’ll walk through a typical hiring funnel from Resumé Review to the dreaded Onsite. Annyce and Wesnie will share what you can do to stand out each step of the way and answer the following questions for each phase of the funnel:
What is the goal of this phase?
Who is the audience?
What are the dos and don’ts?

Annyce is a software industry veteran with years of hiring experience under her belt. And Wesnie is an Android Developer with expertise in the ins-and-outs of the technical interview process. By the end of this talk, you’ll be ready to land your next gig in tech!

Annyce Davis

Director of Engineering, Meetup

Annyce Davis is specifically been focused on Android applications for the past several years. She’s also an Android Google Developer Expert. Annyce is currently a Director of Engineering at Meetup. At Meetup, she helps create the future of real community where people show up, do things, and actually talk to each other. Previously, she was the Software Group Lead at a social impact startup, Zola Electric. She got to help impact the lives of people across Africa by developing a high-quality Android application that was used by the entire sales and service force. Annyce also spent 7 years working at the Washington Post. One of her most exciting projects at the Post was working on the PostTV Android application.

Wesnie Marcelin

Android Development, iHeartRadio

After completing her degree in Economics, Wesnie quickly realized that her interests were gravitating towards tech. Eager to learn more, she began attending different meetups, before discovering a coding bootcamp, where she would learn her foundations in Android development. Today, she is currently in her 3rd year working on the Android development team at iHeartRadio helping to enhance the way users currently listen to music, podcasts, and the radio. In her spare time she dives deeper into learning more about iOT and robotics and contributes to a codebase at a startup called SpookyRobotics as well as creates videos for her Youtube channels called HackQueen, and Life With W and J. She also enjoys learning about other cultures/languages, travelling and watersports.

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AWS Amplify provides a declarative and easy-to-use API for cloud operations. You can build cloud-powered web and mobile experiences with AWS Amplify and goes well with any JavaScript based frontend library.

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