Hackathon Prizes and Themes


The participants are supposed to bring their own  hardware (i.e. laptop, PCs, mobile devices, extension cords, etc.)

Support during the Hackaton

Tutors and Mentors will be available in situ during the hackaton to assist all the participants.

Themes of the hackaton are:


1. Give a new bright life to your old Android Phone

2. Use a Innovative Sweat Sensor for fitness and wellness applications


Project, develop and test an android application for the wellbeing, security or aspirations of elderly people


“UDOO IoT Playground: Android wireless I/O extension”

Focus of this hackaton will be the development of IoT projects that involve Bluetooth Low Energy devices controlled by UDOO, the Android-enabled embedded platform.

In this occasion we are going to use UDOO NEO, running Android 5.1.1 OS and controlling the first prototypes of UDOO Blu, a still unrealesed microcontroller module of the UDOO Family.

UDOO Blu is a microcontroller that connects over BLE and provides these features:

– 8 Digital I/O (6 of which can be used as Analogic Input)

– possibility to connect UDOO BRICK (i.e. I2C sensors of the UDOO family)
– UART serial
– I2C

This way UDOO NEO, in addition to its own I/O, gains new I/O, allowing remote, wireless interaction with the physical world at a really low power consumption.

The wireless extension of I/O makes even more the UDOO family an IoT-ready device.


IoT application development, built on Smartphones and/or Embedded Platform, based on ANDROID libraries for Bluetooth Low Energy or on Web/Bluetooth CHROME libraries, to monitor and control one or more IoT devices in a simple way.


Using proximity technology (and in particular Eddystone beacons, in its various formats UID, URL, TLM), to optimize processes and operations in the workplace (store, office, factory, shop, …) : personnel management, asset management, customer or supplier relations, etc. …