Here are the slides! (only public ones):

Alessandro Bizzarri, Dima Kunin
Alessandro Di Carlo
Alessandro Martellucci A realtime infrastructure for Android apps: Firebase may be what you need..and even more!
Alessandro Salute
Alessio Cucini, Samuele Forconi BLE beacons, Eddystone and Physical Web: an introduction
Alex Florescu How to talk to your users
Anastasiya Berestovaya
Andrey Khitryy
Antonio Mallia & Nicola Corti Backend 4 Android developers
Benjamin Augustin Let it flow
Boris Farber ClassShark – Android and Java executables browser
Carlo Pescio Evolving the Android core with Aspects
Damien Cavailles Nearables and eddystone quest
Daniele Bonaldo From Clockwork to smartwatch
Enrique López Mañas   Secure Development with Android
Etienne Studer
Fabio Collini Android data binding in action using MVVM pattern
Francesca Tosi  Introduction to Google Project Tango and Intel RealSense technologies and usages
François Blavoet  Let’s Sprinkle some #PerfMatters on your ViewGroups
Gabriele Marangon  Essential tool and tips for an effective design workflow
Gautier Mechling  The 2016 Android Developer Toolbox
Giancarlo Sudano, Jessica Tibaldi
Giovanni Laquidara Drive together not the same
Hasan Hosgel #Perfmatters for Android
Hoang Huynh Crafting Great Hypotheses
Huyen Tue Dao  Loving Lean Layouts
Ivan Morgillo  Android Reactive Programming with RxJava
Jeroen Mols Distribute your libraries via Maven, even privately
Jon Reeve Reverse engineering is not just for hackers
Juhani Lehtimäki
Kelly Shuster Android internal library management
Kristijan Jurković Building maintainable app with MVP and Dagger2
Luca Falsina Chronicles of TDD
Lydia Selimalhigazi and Caroline Smith We’re all UX!
Maciej Górski   fun things (you: CanDo <in Kotlin> ) = …
Mario Viviani
Martin Liersch Android Library A-Z
Martino Luca
Massimo Carli
Mateusz Herych
Matteo Bonifazi Engage and retain users in android world
Matteo Gazzurelli Build An Efficient REST Client On Android
Matthew Watkins
Michelantonio Trizio, Tiziano Basile
Nazneen Rupawalla,Bhimsen Padalkar Who Do You Think Owns Your Android Application?
Nick Butcher Think like a designer
Pasquale Anatriello, Emil Sjolander
Pedro Vicente Gómez Sánchez   World-Class Testing Development Pipeline for Android
Pietro Maggi Android: It’s time to go to work!
Raimon Ràfols The bytecode mumbo-jumbo
Roberto Orgiu Bonjour Android, it’s Zeroconf
Sangsoo Nam Application Architecture for Scaled Agile
Sebastiano Gottardo To ∞ (~65K) and beyond!
Sebastiano Poggi, Eugenio Marletti  Hinting around: text demystified
Svetlana Isakova  You can do better with Kotlin
Sylwester Madej
Tam Hanna  IoT for – and against – Android
Vinh To
Wiebe Elsinga
Wojtek Kalicinski
Xavier Hallade Mastering the NDK
Yonatan Levin A friend in need – A JS indeed