Flat as a pancake

Is your app very slow in loading new pages with lots of views in it? Is your scrolling perf not great… well… did you try flattening your view hierarchy? And what about not using View at all? Are you brave enough? Do you simply like pancakes? Come and discover what that actually means!

Loving Lean Layouts

XML layouts are a fundamental part of Android development at all levels. Getting started is straightforward but creating efficient layouts while still achieving a high-level of control takes some practice and a few tricks. In this session we will look at creating lean yet lovely layouts. We will discuss use cases and best practices for […]

Let’s Sprinkle some #PerfMatters on your ViewGroups

Framework classes like RelativeLayout are extremely powerful but their first goal is to be versatile.This comes with significant performances costs that can prevent your app from being fast and smooth. This is especially important in constrained areas like list scrolling. The situation is not hopeless though, let’s see how we can remedy this by writing […]

Android Reactive Programming with RxJava

In a world where there is a smartphone in every pocket, designing and building applications that can run smoothly and deliver the User Experience that users deserve, it’s the only way to go. Reactive Programming with RxJava will help you to beat Android Platform limitations to create astonishing Android Apps. This talk will be a […]

#PERFMATTERS for Android

The slogan ‘#PERFMATTERS’ by Colt McAnlis is one of the most important statements, which an Android developer should follow. A well performing application makes the difference between a nice looking application and one, which gets successful. You, as an Android developer, have the responsibility to delight your users, so they don’t feel how much work […]

10 ways to improve your Andorid app performance

As Developer Advocate at Google, I am exposed to various Android apps. I bring together several rules of thumb: working, best practice solutions for making your Android app better, while avoiding the common pitfalls. Activity leaks Scrolling Concurrency APIs 1 System Abuse & Deprecation Architecture Appendix Concurrency APIs 2