fun things (you: CanDo <in Kotlin> ) = …

There is no silver bullet for Android boilerplate, but some bullets are more fun than other.
During the last year Kotlin has grown in popularity in Android community. If you haven’t heard of it or did hear something, but are not convinced yet, I will show you why it’s so fun to start coding in it. We’ll see how it improves readability and safety of your code, while not making your app any less performant than Java. When you get your hands dirty with Kotlin, you will notice it can replace quite a few popular Android libraries.
The whole session is planned as pure livecoding, so make sure to drink a shot of espresso before joining!

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Location: Sala Londra Date: 8 April 2016 Time: 14,30 - 15,20 maciej gorski Maciej Górski