Kill your eventbus-driven architecture with fire

Some long time ago event bus libraries took over the Android developers world. Majority of Android applications used one of the variety of libraries available – EventBus, Otto or others. People loved this pattern because it made communication between Android components a lot easier than before.
Time has changed though. Otto was just officially deprecated in favor of RxJava. Many of us already know that reckless using of event buses can result in bad architecture that’s not easy to maintain. However, it’s still used in a big amount of projects.
During this presentation Mateusz will show you how he shot his foot multiple times by using eventbus not wisely. He’ll tell you about the alternatives for different usecases (not only RxJava-based) and scenarios where buses still work well enough.

Best practice Eventbus RX Rxjava
Location: Sala Madrid Date: 7 April 2016 Time: 16,20 - 17,00 mateusz herych Mateusz Herych