Play Everywhere: providing a consistent experience across very different devices

Have you ever thought about delivering your app to more than just phones?
Have you ever received complaints about users not being able to use your app on TVs, SmartWatches, Chromecasts, Cars or other platforms??
Have you ever tried to think about what is the easiest way to achieve “ubiquity” while still providing quality???

Spotify ships its experience on Android phones and tablets, Android TVs, Android Wear, Android Auto (and other car integrations), Chromecasts, Speakers and embedded devices, and many more. So yes,…we face these kind of problems all the time!
Alessandro and Dima are going to give an overview of the challenges that Spotify encounters in multi-platform support and the solutions adopted.

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Api Chromecast Delivering Optimization SDK Wearable
Location: Sala 500 Date: 7 April 2016 Time: 13,00 - 13,40 Alessandro bizzarri Alessandro Bizzarri dima-kunin Dima Kunin