The 2016 Android Developer Toolbox

Developing for Android has drastically changed over the last few years.
We now have a gigantic toolbox we can benefit from to improve our productivity and build better applications.

During this presentation I will introduce some of the tools we use daily at happn, a multi-million users French dating application.

I will talk about many tools that help us to:
– Simulate a laggy/instable HTTP(s) connection
– Interact with our application to analyze logs, views, and modify any data (inc. memory / shared preferences / database) in real time
– Change our application’s backend server without recompiling
– Better understand our technical debt
– Create a REST mock server in a few seconds to anticipate the development of a feature when the backend is not developed yet
– Measure the performance (cpu/memory) of our application
– Decompile our application to better understand and analyze its security
– Alter a server response and check whether the application behaves properly
– and many more tips…

Best practice Optimization Tools
Location: Sala 500 Date: 8 April 2016 Time: 16,10 - 16,50 Gautier-Mechling Gautier Mechling