bonifazi Matteo Bonifazi

Google Developer Expert for Android

Senior consultant mainly focused on Android application development and keen to face new challenges. Background in Computer Engineering brings strong analytical skills and problem solving attitude. Team player with good social skills, positive and “easy to adapt” approach.
Experienced to work with enterprise companies as Sky Italia, Fiat, Ferrero, and Tesco for international
applications. All projects I have been involved allows me to learn several side of Android platform.

Working for consulting company, as Reply is, has me taken the advantage to create one-on-one relationship with partners and to improve relationship skills. I’ve communicated daily with technical and no-tech customer people with the goal to achieve their expectation about Android. Trying to share my experience and what I’ve learnt about Android using the GDG Rome, where I am an active member, and the Google Developer Expert program (joined in April 2015). The main purpose is to spread Android technologies to communities with meetup, hackthon, devfest and conference in general. My speaking skills have been trained attending conferences, as a speaker. Droidcon UK, Droidcon IT, etc., and internal company.

Author of the book “Sviluppare applicazioni per Android in 7 giorni” and coauthor of “Android Programmazione Avanzata”

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