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Telepass Digital is the brand new, technological and innovative unit of Telepass. Leading the company towards the digital transformation, it combines the expertise and solidity of a large company with the flexibility and forward-looking attitude of a visionary startup. It is a fast-growing company: we are more than 80 and are expected to grow up to 100 people in 2023.
Our soul is multi-faceted: engineers, developers, designers and product owners. Our strength lies in this approach: a continuous refactoring of the codebase in order to always keep it updated and evolving. A methodology that enhances the quality of our work and makes us proud of it. Nurturing our curiosity, exploring new possibilities, and sharing the result is what really counts for us before every delivery. That’s why we are growing so fast, every day more and more. Follow us, not only on the highway 🙂

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Empatica is a full-stack, digital healthcare company, forever changing the way health is monitored and new treatments are developed through its AI platform, digital biomarkers, and state-of-the-art medical wearables. Our customers range from some of the world’s largest institutions (such as NASA, Harvard University, and top-tier pharmaceutical companies, to name a few), to individual users whose experience with our products changed their lives.
Zebra Dev


Enterprise software development needs to be specialized; but developers need control and flexibility to customize solutions.  We provide you an enterprise developer community with the services and tools you need to help build your edge. Join our developer community today.Join our developer community today.

Subito is the #1 digital company for buying and selling in Italy. We were established in Milan in 2007 and we are currently strongly positioned among the Top 10 most visited online brands in Italy, with 13M users every month. Our goal has always been to offer the easiest, fastest and safest services for buying and selling online in Italy. For this reason, individual and professional users choose Subito every day to do great business. We owe these great results to an intuitive and effective platform and a wide range and quality of offers, with controlled content for even greater security. There is also, of course, a tireless team of people who work, with passion, for our customers. Subito is part of Adevinta, an international company that operates in 14 countries in the online buying and selling marketplace.

Bitrise is a Mobile DevOps company, whose platform is used by more than 6,000 businesses to maximize the business impact of their mobile apps. Working with Bitrise, the world’s most sophisticated mobile organizations get their apps to market faster, improve security and keep up with constantly changing mobile requirements. Bitrise enables organizations to automate testing, accelerate build times, and quickly understand how new pieces of code will affect live apps. Customers such as Transferwise (now “WISE”), Virgin Mobile, Grindr, Marks & Spencer, Tag Heuer, Compass, Mozilla, Philips Hue, Babbel and others use Bitrise to rapidly respond to the changing mobile landscape. Bitrise is a Y Combinator company, headquartered in Budapest, with offices in London, San Francisco, Boston and Osaka.

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Prima leads the revolution of the insurance world with innovation and technology, data-driven strategy and world class talents. Born innovators, we work everyday to provide a “great experience and great prices” to our customers. We have redesigned and digitized the entire insurance value chain powered by the most advanced tech stack and data analytics capabilities.
Since the first policy was sold in 2015, Prima has acquired over 2.2 million customers and has grown a team of 600 Prima People. In 2018, the tech company experienced the largest venture capital increase in Italian history: a 100 million euro agreement signed by Goldman Sachs and Blackstone. We are the leading online insurance in motor market in Italy, but our appetite for growth is huge and drives our global expansion in Europe with our offices in UK and Spain, where we are redesigning and digitising the entire insurance value chain. begun!


HUAWEI AppGallery is the official app distribution platform for HUAWEI devices, boasting a collection of 18 app categories featuring premium content curated globally. It makes sure apps can be used seamlessly across smart devices in all scenarios anywhere and anytime, without compromising on security.

As one of the top 3 app global app distribution platforms, AppGallery offers a wide variety of global and local apps across categories including navigation & transport, news, social media, finance, entertainment, and others. AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries and regions with over 580 million monthly active users. Huawei has partnered with 5.75 million developers across the globe, and the total app distributions from AppGallery reached over 432 billion app during 2021.

You can visit AppGallery at: https://appgallery.huawei.com/Featured

Logo Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a digital experience company. We have been in the digital space for more than a decade. We bring your ideas to life: creating web, e-commerce & mobile applications, digital marketing campaigns and solutions.
Synesthesia also offer an event production and management service, and manage their own events including droidcon Italy, Swift Heroes, Flutter Heroes, No Code Heroes and Girls Tech.
We provide value for our clients through our unique and innovative mix of know-how and creativity. Synesthesia is driven by passion for addressing technical and business challenges.


DMA, part of Plasser&Theurer Group, designs and manufactures railway infrastructure monitoring systems and wayside instrumentation for the inspection of railway vehicles. Our solutions help protect and optimize the infrastructure of some of the world’s largest and busiest rail networks, small networks, and light rail.

We ‘own’ the technology. We are not integrators, we build everything from the ground up.

We invest in R&D as well as in attracting and retaining the best and brightest electronics, optics, mechanics, and software designers (engineers, mathematicians, physicists). We take pride in using internal resources to master every aspect of our solutions.

We design, develop, test, improve and perfect every solution in-house with dedicated technical teams in all key competences. We also access external know how to let our team learn, in order to later progress autonomously and be able to support the products life cycle (e.g. Politecnico di Torino).

Our expertise has allowed us to gradually enrich our product range in the last 10 years and expand our geographical area to include all continents.

Our in-house developed & manufactured modules include:
– High-speed digital cameras, capable of processing images in real time
– Lasers
– Linear digital cameras
– Inertial packs for high accuracy navigation (IMU)
– Radar
– The entire SW pipeline, from real time data acquisition (a single vehicle can gather up to 14 GBytes/sec), to AI based analysis, to data base, to web services for data presentation




Musixmatch is the world’s leading music data company. Our mission is to provide data, tools and services that allow the experience of music to be enriched across the whole world. We are also the trusted global partner of companies like Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, Meta, Google, MTV, Shazam, Vevo and have partnerships with +100,000 music publishers including Sony/ Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell, Kobalt, BMG Rights, and the Harry Fox Agency. We are a bunch of creatives who care about our work and what we do. In our company culture, participation and collaboration are key to getting things done well. We are always looking for tech-savvy people who are eager to learn in a fast-paced environment, who have an international outlook on life, and who love taking on new challenges. At Musixmatch, we believe that talent is enhanced when people live and work in the right environment – that’s why we put our efforts into building a workplace suitable for all where we embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of each of our team members.


Vianova is present on the Italian market with a single integrated offer of fixed and mobile network services oriented to the real needs of companies and inspired by an insourcing policy. Vianova services are manufactured internally, with the aim of integrating traditional network services, such as voice and internet access, with “Over The Top” collaboration services such as Mail, Meeting, Phone, Conference Call, Desk, Fax, Drive, Cloud and Centrex. 

We have an internal R&D group that works passionately every day to create new software solutions and to improve existing services. The people involved in product development work using Agile methodologies and are at the forefront of the analysis, design and implementation of our integrated solutions. 

Respect, Service, and Excellence are the values that have always guided us and also inspire our telecommunications offer. We are happy to be a Feature sponsor of droidcon 2022 and we are looking for the best talent to join our Team!


We build disruptive ventures: a highly selective program, in which you will be paid to build your own startup and funded to launch it. Find your team, develop your idea, get funded, deploy your startup. You can start from a challenge suggested by leading players.If you do not have your own idea to work on, we will provide you with an extended list of meaningful challenges designed along with leading players from several industries. 40 participants, 5 months full-time to find your team and build your startup During the first three months of the program, your focus will be on finding the best team and idea to develop. At the end of these three months, you will have a chance to pitch in front of the investment committee and receive your pre-seed funding. Finally, you will pitch in front of the most prominent investors of the European ecosystem link: https://joinvento.com/


Siamo una software vendor e una consulting che aiuta le organizzazioni a 360°, partendo dalla definizione di una strategia che anticipi le tendenze, fino alla progettazione e concretizzazione dei prodotti e servizi digitali dell’azienda. Utilizziamo metodologie agili collaudate per passare velocemente dal disegno alla messa in opera di soluzioni digitali avanzate in tutti i settori industriali. In particolare il nostro team è in grado di progettare e sviluppare architetture software orientate all’adozione dei paradigmi cloud native, partendo da un assessment della situazione attuale per supportare l’organizzazione nella definizione di un percorso di evoluzione verso un’architettura pienamente cloud native.
Neosperience è stata selezionata da Gartner come Cool Vendor e come una delle sei piattaforme più innovative al mondo nella Customer Analytics, con oltre 20 menzioni nei suoi report.
Siamo partner AWS da quasi un decennio. In particolare siamo Advanced Tier Services Partner, Advanced Consulting Partner e Advanced Solutions Architect Partner. Inoltre siamo partner di Tencent Cloud e SAP.
Quotata da febbraio 2019 sul listino Euronext Growth, Neosperience è stata indicata nel 2022 come leader della crescita dal Financial Times e dal Sole 24 Ore.


Il network di Talent Garden offre una combinazione di spazi di lavoro, la Innovation school – una delle scuole più innovative d’Europa, e programmi di Corporate Transformation. Questi servizi, riuniscono insieme, in un network di campus dislocati in tutta Europa, startup tech, giovani professionisti e grandi corporate. I campus sono pensati per essere luoghi dove far prosperare le idee e le collaborazioni, e ospitano una community di startup, agenzie, laboratori aziendali, freelance, investitori, media corporate e studenti, tutte realtà accomunate dal desiderio di far parte del settore dell’innovazione digitale. Talent Garden ospita oltre 4.500 innovatori all’interno del suo network di campus presenti in tutta Europa. Gli spazi di lavoro, aperti 24 ore al giorno, sono stati progettati per fornire ai professionisti che ci lavorano un punto di riferimento fisico per poter realizzare con successo il proprio progetto e dispongono di postazioni di lavoro, uffici, sale riunioni, laboratori, spazi per eventi, fablab, bar e molto altro

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Grigua’s goal is to provide companies with an information system that allows them to support the sales force in their activity of monitoring the point of sale. The project is call Grigua SalesTools and is a suite of software products that allows you to manage all the activities for the supervision of the store, the project consists of several integrated modules that can be activated depending on the needs of the customer. The information collected is processed and reused in accordance with the needs.
Grigua is a company born in 2011 from the will of two partners to use their professionalism in the trade marketing to create an innovative system of supervision of the points of sale. The active participation in the implementation of countless networks for managing the points of sale in different channels, both in Italy and abroad, has allowed them to develop a complete vision of the business.

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