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    The Italian Android Dev Meeting

    droidcon Italy is the annual Android dev conference in person in Turin, Italy, and broadcast live. The Italian edition features international speakers and sponsors, and welcomes participants from all over Europe, and connected online from all over the globe.
    This year’s event featured two tracks of the best Android content, a huge exhibition area with lots of networking space, physical and online job boards, a rockin’ after party and plenty of chances to upskill in Android with like minded devs.
    Tickets are now available for the droidcon Italy Upskill Passes: passes to access the event platform with all of the presentations from droidcon Italy, that’s over 20 hours of Android learning. Take a look and get Upskill Passes for you and your team.

    thanks to our brilliant Keynote speaker

    Keynote: The opportunity for Android developers with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Laurence Moroney

    AI Advocate, Google

    “From the AI lead at Google: A survey of the opportunities available with AI and Machine Learning, and a deep dive into where Google are going with toolkits for Android developers. A guide to how to get started — you don’t need math or a PhD — and how to succeed with training ML models that will run cross platform, and optimized on Android.”

    The Location

    MAUTO – Museo dell’Automobile, Corso Unità d’Italia 40, Torino
    droidcon Italy 2022 will be held at the superb Museo dell’Automobile. Turin is the home of Fiat and the Turin car museum is a shiny testament to the city’s strong connection to the automotive industry. The congress centre is extremely modern and well-equipped as well as being light, bright and spacious. The ideal venue for our return to in-person events.

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    Bitrise is a Mobile DevOps company, whose platform is used by more than 6,000 businesses to maximize the business impact of their mobile apps. Working with Bitrise, the world’s most sophisticated mobile organizations get their apps to market faster, improve security and keep up with constantly changing mobile requirements. Bitrise enables organizations to automate testing, accelerate build times, and quickly understand how new pieces of code will affect live apps. Customers such as Transferwise (now “WISE”), Virgin Mobile, Grindr, Marks & Spencer, Tag Heuer, Compass, Mozilla, Philips Hue, Babbel and others use Bitrise to rapidly respond to the changing mobile landscape. Bitrise is a Y Combinator company, headquartered in Budapest, with offices in London, San Francisco, Boston and Osaka.


    DMA, part of Plasser&Theurer Group, designs and manufactures railway infrastructure monitoring systems and wayside instrumentation for the inspection of railway vehicles. Our solutions help protect and optimize the infrastructure of some of the world’s largest and busiest rail networks, small networks, and light rail.

    We ‘own’ the technology. We are not integrators, we build everything from the ground up.

    We invest in R&D as well as in attracting and retaining the best and brightest electronics, optics, mechanics, and software designers (engineers, mathematicians, physicists). We take pride in using internal resources to master every aspect of our solutions.

    We design, develop, test, improve and perfect every solution in-house with dedicated technical teams in all key competences. We also access external know how to let our team learn, in order to later progress autonomously and be able to support the products life cycle (e.g. Politecnico di Torino).

    Our expertise has allowed us to gradually enrich our product range in the last 10 years and expand our geographical area to include all continents.

    Our in-house developed & manufactured modules include:
    – High-speed digital cameras, capable of processing images in real time
    – Lasers
    – Linear digital cameras
    – Inertial packs for high accuracy navigation (IMU)
    – Radar
    – The entire SW pipeline, from real time data acquisition (a single vehicle can gather up to 14 GBytes/sec), to AI based analysis, to data base, to web services for data presentation



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