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Reserved for students!

5 october

New for 2022, the droidcon Italy Talent Day is a day for junior devs and students to integrate into the industry, meet with potential employers, network and benefit from a track of ‘beginners’ content.

Tickets to the Talent Day are free of charge. (A seperate ticket is required to access droidcon Italy 6-7 October.) 


5 October 2022, 10:00

@ MAUTO (the same venue as droidcon Italy)

a day dedicated to industry newbies
A unique learning opportunity
give your career a cracking kick start

The Workshops

Design for errors: una introduzione al Domain Modeling


Ore 10.30

In questo workshop esploreremo tecniche e strumenti per imparare a modellare efficacemente sistemi: * Come posso descrivere questo oggetto? * Come posso descrivere questa funzionalità? * Come comunicano tra di loro questi due sistemi?
Impareremo a fare Domain Modeling e Domain Driven Design, con esercizi di gruppo ed esempi pratici, ricavati da progetti reali e scenari dalla vita di tutti i giorni. Il codice sarà in Kotlin con Arrow, ma potrete ottenere gli stessi risultati con Swift, TypeScript, F# e tanti altri linguaggi.
Materiale necessario: Carta, penna e curiosità.

Practical Advanced Kotlin in Practice


Ore 14.30

Getting started with Kotlin is as easy as saying “I want lambdas”, sure — but that’s only scratching the surface of the brave new world that adopting Kotlin will open up for Java and Android developers. In this workshop we’ll look at a number of language features and tips to make the most of the Kotlin Programming Language™ in our day-to-day work.We’ll touch on several topics, including property delegates, threading and coroutines, callbacks vs function references, sealed classes, member and extension functions, default parameters, typealiases, data classes and destructuring. For each of them, we’ll go over a series of dos and don’ts and best practices making sure you get the most out of Kotlin.
Note for attendees:
Make sure you have a laptop computer with an up-to-date version of IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio, with an up-to-date Kotlin plugin, and ideally the latest version of Kotlin and Gradle already in your local caches. We all know how conference Wi-Fi is 🙂