Don’t Lose Your Head With Agile: Choosing The Right Approaches For A Software Project

Agile is not a fashion trend. Agile is here to help software owners achieve product delivery the way their businesses dictate it.
Agile has a different face for every project, since every project is unique itself.
Agile is a diversity of methodologies, approaches, and tools, and every product owner must make the right combination and facilitate painless product development and successful delivery.

This report shows how it’s done:
• Major and most popular approaches to project management
• Compatibility matrix of projects and methodologies
• Combinations of approaches that are applicable to the product and the owner’s expectations
• How to solve problems and dismiss unnecessary procedures

No methodology is used in its “pure” form; every software owner must select optimal tools to form a powerful and perfectly suitable approach to the project.
This report is here to help them do that.

Agile Best practice
Location: Sala Parigi Date: 7 April 2016 Time: 16,20 - 17,00 Anastasiya Berestovaya Anastasiya Berestovaya