Reverse engineering is not just for hackers!

We spend a lot of time putting apps together, but when was the last time you pulled one apart?
How wonderful is it that Android is open-source, so we can simply look at the code when we need to?
What if it were just as easy to look at the source code and behaviour of any other app?
If we can streamline the process of looking inside a compiled application then we’re more likely to employ it to answer questions and teach us valuable lessons we can apply to our work. We may learn from others and also make our own apps more secure.
We can pinpoint bugs that come from closed-source libraries such as those for ad and tracking networks, and work around those bugs, get them fixed faster, or even patch them if need be!
This talk will present simple real-world examples for maximum practical benefit using some of the ever improving set of reverse engineering tools for Android.
You don’t need to have any experience reverse engineering anything before, but hopefully even if you do you’ll pick up a few useful tips.
This talk aims to make every developer more familiar with the reverse engineering tools available for Android, and how and why they should apply them.
There’s an incredible amount that can be learned from taking things apart!

APK Debugging Reverse Engineering Security
Location: Sala Parigi Date: 7 April 2016 Time: 13,00 - 13,40 Jon Reeve Jon Reeve