Adaptable architecture for agencies. Sharing our experience.

We work in a team that delivery many apps every months for different customers with completely different needs,from apps with a very short lifecycle (i.e. events/kiosk) to apps with a large users base which requires improvements, updates and bugs fixing for years.
In the past year we have designed and developed our architecture which is a fusion between the “Uncle Bob” (Robert C. Martin) Clean Architecture and the MVP pattern.
It uses some of the commons and most popular libraries for android like RxJava, Dagger2, OkHttp and Retrofit.
During this talk we would like to share our experience in the designing and development of an architecture that can be suitable for a wide range of apps with different purpose and complexity, both from a technical and strategic point of view.

Location: Sala Madrid Date: 6 April 2017 Time: 15:10 - 16:00 2013-08-01 14.15.49 Luca Piras Francesco Santagati Francesco Santagati