Android things in action

Smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars and smartwatches: Android is everywhere enabling users and developers with rich set of applications, libraries and services. Android Things brings such a power to virtually any object, any “thing”: using a low-cost (yet powerful) board, developer can add intelligence and connectivity to home, industries, vehicles and even medical appliances. This talk […]

Android Things and VR to create engaging casual games

Requirement: An Android smartphone and a laptop. We suggest to pre-install Android Studio and Unity 5.5 to save time! If you like, you can bring your Android Things devices, as Raspberry PI 3, Intel Edison or Intel Joule. Workshop Outline: IoT and Virtual Reality have both tremendous trends in growth, yet they are quite separated […]

Raspberry Pi 3 and Android Thing

Google‘s recently-introduced Android Things aims to make Android work as an IoT platform. Sadly, a lot of pitfalls need to be observed – for example, be aware that timing is not all what it promises to be! Being able to run Android on a Raspberry Pi 3 sounds like a dream – especially as Google […]

Android Things for IoT

Google recently announced the Developer Preview for Android Things, a comprehensive way to build IoT products with the power and security of Android. This talk will show how developers can use familiar tools such as Android Studio and the Android SDK to easily develop IoT software, and then to scale the hardware from a single […]