Android Things and VR to create engaging casual games


An Android smartphone and a laptop. We suggest to pre-install Android Studio and Unity 5.5 to save time! If you like, you can bring your Android Things devices, as Raspberry PI 3, Intel Edison or Intel Joule.

Workshop Outline:

IoT and Virtual Reality have both tremendous trends in growth, yet they are quite separated from each other. The aim of this workshop is to give the fundamentals to developers and designers to create simple applications that combines together VR with sensors and actuators in the environment, to create a new and more immersive User Experience.

During the workshop, participants will create simple mini-games that leverage on Android Things devices and Virtual Reality.
-starting from a sample application on an Android smartphone and Android Things devices, we will connect devices together.
-participants will design and develop a simple game make him/her engaged with the environment.
-we will add a Virtual Reality experience to the game, using cardboard and daydream platform.

Interaction between real and virtual worlds will be mixed together for a complete and funny gaming experience!



Android Things IoT Virtual Reality WORKSHOP
Location: Sala Parigi Date: 7 April 2017 Time: 10:20 - 13:30 capobianco Claudio Capobianco Aless-mancini Alessandro Mancini Giovanni Laquidara Giovanni Laquidara