ASO Professional Techniques for Google Play

You’ve developed and published a new mobile app. Sorry: a new GREAT app. So, have you finished your work? No. Publishing is “just the beginning”. Now you must promote and distribute your app! There’s a lot to do. One of them is “ASO”; “App Store Optimisation”, and it’s important for maximising the discoverability and conversion […]

Delight(ing) your user(s)

After this talk you will: Know how to identify your app users. How do they use the app What they want from you What you need to do to make them smile Make you smile again. How do you satisfy your users? How do you make your app users happy? How can I make them […]

Android Auto, the constructors’ side

This is more a tour conference to visit the world of Android Auto that is actually set up side builders.AndroidAuto,Yep, there is the well known sdk to display a itinerary, manage music, communicate … and it doesn’t make me dream. I personally did not have the thrill.But on the manufacturers side, how is it going? […]

Architectural Superpowers

I will start with a very brief theoretical introduction to the usage of factories and the dependency inversion principle. From there on, this is a live coding session where I will start from a properly architected app and show how it helps to do things such as reusing an existing use case in another view controller, […]