Barcamp organization

The barcamp is one of the interactive parts of the event, where you get the chance to actively shape the program. It’s also perfect for very up-to-date topics that have emerged shortly before.

In the morning, we’re all coming together at the main stage and after an introduction by our barcamp coordinator, you’ll have the chance to shortly present a topic that you would like to hold a session on. Developers have 5 minutes to propose their own talks or presentations on whatever they think is interesting and will interest others. Everyone else votes on which talks they’d most like to hear, and the presentations with the most votes get a room and a timeslot. Democracy at work!

We will schedule all sessions and then from 17:50 the barcamp sessions will start in Sala 500, Sala Londra, Sala Madrid.


Barcamps are informal sessions, a kind of “un-conference”, with a schedule decided on the day. It’s all driven by the interests and expertises of those who attend, so each one is different, but ours are always great!

While the schedule isn’t worked out until the start of the event, the barcamp isn’t without structure! They’re dynamic events, focused on the overall droidcon event’s topics, tackling the same challenges but in a different format. At the Barcamp sessions will run for 20 or 30 minutes, giving enough time to get into the meat of a topic. These are participatory sessions and more inclusive than regular conference sessions, with everyone taking part. They can be lectures, discussions, code labs, skill trainings or any other format. You can help, perhaps by leading the session, perhaps by giving some insights, perhaps by asking some great questions, or perhaps just by your enthusiasm. At the end of the day everybody gets together to share their experience of the day and give feedback.

Come along again for great discussions and knowledge sharing with your fellow attendees, on all the hot topics from the conference, and all those we couldn’t quite squeeze into the main days!

Location: Centro Congressi Lingotto Date: 6 April 2017 Time: 11:00 - 11:20