Journey to Material Design Award – Sharing the Experience of Making Fabulous

• Build high-quality MVP
• The use of illustrations works!
• Remote works!
• Design is not all magic
• Ship it!
• Details, details, details – press effect, elevation shadow, animation, typography
• Prepare for translations
• Use analytics – very important to get quantitative data to see what works and what doesn’t (or too hidden)
• There is always room for improvement – where to look
• Engaged with users – a lot (get to know their issues, their reason of using etc.) – word of mouth works
• Play store – 1 star great for hitting you back to ground
• You can’t please everyone
Taylor will be sharing his experience as a design co-founder of Fabulous, an app that recently got the Material Design Award, from design and marketing perspective. The audience is expected to walk away with some lessons learned by Taylor while building Fabulous, including like why Details matter, the use of illustrations in Fabulous, data-driven design etc. which hopefully help to inspire the audience for further enhancement of their app.

Everyone is welcomed to the session – there is none (or just slightly bit) of the design jargon or specifics in it, it’s more for experience sharing more than a technical talk.



Location: Sala 500 Date: 6 April 2017 Time: 12:30 - 13:20 9MS3A-hJ Taylor Ling