Roasting Google APIs on a Firebase to create Uberritos

The Firebase Backend – where the data is brewed.

  • What is firebase?
  • How to setup a firebase project?
  • An overview of the Firebase Android SDK. In depth discussion about the new capabilities of Firebase as a Case Study sample of an Uber like app
  1. Analytics – Get more insights from your app.
  2. Remote Configurations – A/B Testing, bring it on.
  3. Notifications – A one stop solution for GCM to all your clients.
  4. Crash Reporting – Wouldn’t it be cool to see your app analytics data and crashes in the same dashboard, time to ditch Fabric ;)
  5. Dynamic Deeplinks – Yes, its yelling growth now!

In the end I’d like to see everyone filled with joy knowing the fact how easy it is to pull out a project like uber with such ease.

This talk would help developers learn how to create an Uber like app within hours and zero lines of backend code leveraging the capabilities Firebase – a realtime database in the cloud as a data provider and Google Maps, Places and Directions APIs as a case study for the sample app.



Development Firebase
Location: Sala Londra Date: 7 April 2017 Time: 12:10 - 12:50 Ishan Khanna Ishan Khanna