Mathias_Seguy Mathias Seguy

Android Referent Expert@Android2ee – RenaultNissan

Mathias is an Android expert who created the company Android2EE dedicated to android training.
He now, works, for few months, as the Android Referent-Expert of the RenaultNissan group.
He loves to talk about Android and shares his knowledge, it’s his job, and he found it’s a cool job.
Since the last 7 years, he wrote 3 ebooks on Android programing, gave conferences, wrote articles, push projects on Github and continue to dive into the Android framework.
Bref, Mathias is an Android passionate :)

Has spoken at

Some of his conferences:
2016: “Architecture Android et bonnes pratiques” DevoxxFr 2016 (3h de conférence)
2015: “Animate Me, if you don’t do it for me do it for Chet”
DroidCon London
DroidCon Paris
DroidCon Greece
2014: An Android Journey
DroidCon London 2014
2013 : Voyage en monde Android
DroidCon Paris 2013
2012: An Android Overview
Devoxx France 2012 (3H of conference on Android development).
2012: Combining the power of Eclipse with Android, Eclipse Day Toulouse, 24/05/2012, Conférence .
2012: JCertif Afrique 2012 (LA conférence Java du continent Africain) Septembre 2012
ToulouseJUG (“Architecture, Threads et fuite mémoire”, “GoogleSignIn”) []
ToulouseAUG (“GoogleSignIn”[], “Voyage en monde Android” [], “ToolBar”, “ProTips”, “Thread et Fuite mémoire”) []
ParisAUG (“Voyage en monde Android” [])
Lyaug (“AnimateMe”, “Voyage en monde Android”, “Notifications and Wearable”)
Architecture Android (Zenika Paris)
“An Android Journey” Zenika Lyon

Devoxx France 2012 Conférence (3h) du 18/04 au 20/04/2012 (
Eclipse Day (Toulouse, Mai 2012)(
DroidCon Paris 2013, Conference “ProTips” (
Toulouse AUG et Toulouse JUG (19 Septembre 2013), conference “Google SignIn”(
Paris Android User Group (18 Juin 2014) “An Android Journey” (
Toulouse A.U.G (27 Octobre 2014) conference “An Android Journey” (
DroidCon London (30 Octobre 2014) conference “An Android Journey” (
Lyon avec Zenika (17 Mars 2015) conference “An Android Journey”
Lyon avec Zenika (17 Mars 2015) conference “Notifications and Wearable”

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