MAtteo_ferroni Matteo Ferroni

CTO@Bottega52 SRL

I achieved my Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer Engineering with honors from Politecnico di Milano in February 2010 and October 2013, respectively. I enrolled in the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at the same university, where I work at the “Novel and Emerging Computing System Technologies” Laboratory (NECST Lab). I’ve been a visiting Ph.D. student at University of California Berkeley (UCB), from February to July 2015. My research focuses on the development of power modeling methodologies for energy-aware computing systems, from mobile devices to multi-tenant server infrastructures.

In late 2012, I founded Lakeside Srl, an innovative start-up in which I served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the project Afterclaps until late 2014.

In late 2014, I co-founded Bottega52 Srl, in which I serve as infrastructure and backend engineer. With Bottega52, in March 2015 I co-founded Skrlla, a start-up based in San Francisco in which I served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) until June 2015, when we co-founded Sofia Srl, a IoT related startup that has been financed by Telecom Italia within the TIM #WCAP acceleration program.

I love innovation, complex infrastructures and code tidiness. Ah, and asking questions, for a deep understanding of the world.

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