stéphane-nicolas Stephane Nicolas

Senior Android Developer@Groupon

With 20+ years of Java coding experience, I am now a Senior Android Developer at Groupon. As a member of the Groupon Android Core team, I focus mostly on software design, good practices, quality metrics, testability, dependency injection, optimisations, hard bugs, tooling, build & CI, etc.

I am an Free & Opens Source Software enthusiast and often contribute, modify, initiate open source projects. All of them available on github.

Has spoken at

DroidCon London: 2013
DroidCon New York: 2015
DroidCon Paris: 2013, 2014
DroidCon Berlin: 2013
DroidCon Amsterdam: 2012
DroidCon Kaigi: 2017
Devoxx FR: 2012
Devoxx BE: 2015
AndevCon SF: 2014, 2016
AndevCon Boston: 2013
Mobile Era, Oslo: 2016
Dev Fest Nantes: 2012
Talks for Android User Groups: Paris, Montreal

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