Better Android Intents with Dart & Henson

Intents are an essential component of the Android ecosystem. They are used to express an action to be performed and can be classified into implicit and explicit intents. In an abstract way, all intents together define a navigation layer inside an application. Dart & Henson can generate all the code you need to create a […]

Making the Most of Your Gradle Builds

In the first part of the session, we’re gonna speak about ways to improve Gradle performance, based on the Performance Improvement Guide, created by the Gradle team. We’ll also take a look at available tools that can help profile the builds and provide clues on how the builds can be optimized. The second part of […]

Gradle 3.0 and beyond for Android Development

With the release of Gradle 3.0 and later versions, major new features and enhancements have become available that allow for efficient development workflows and provide increased build performance. We will explore the new Gradle features like Daemon-by-default, Composite Builds, and Distributed Cache. We will also take a look at how Gradle build scans help with gaining […]

From zero to play store: developing a mobile videogame with Unity3D

• Where do I find Unity? Where are the docs?• Which other software/skill can support game development?• Setting up first project: differences from 2D to 3D mode• Setting up first project: configuring version control• Unity envirorment fundamentals• How to be efficient with interface• Game development: let’s understand how we can easily create a 2D game […]

Roasting Google APIs on a Firebase to create Uberritos

The Firebase Backend – where the data is brewed. What is firebase? How to setup a firebase project? An overview of the Firebase Android SDK. In depth discussion about the new capabilities of Firebase as a Case Study sample of an Uber like app Analytics – Get more insights from your app. Remote Configurations – […]

Hacking for Salone: Drone Races

This year for the Salone del Mobile at frog, we came up with a funky experiment, based on Drones, Android, and VR. In this talk, your hosts will walk you through our Drone Race experiment, touching topics like real-time computer vision, reactive programming for mobile, indoor positioning and (wheeled) Drones hacking. The variety and complexity […]

RxFireDroid – From idea to MavenCentral/jCenter

Let me show you all the steps that are needed until an idea for a library is ready to be used by everyone. Let’s learn about Hosting, Testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Publishing, …Full workflow from an idea for a library until it is published and ready to be used by everyone. Level Intermediate

Grokking the ConstraintLayout

In this talk I’m going to introduce you to the ConstraintLayout and the completely revamped layout editor of Android Studio. About the ConstraintLayout you will hear about Google motivations for introducing it you will learn how (and when) to use it you will learn all about its limitations and shortcomings you will hear a comparison […]

Add Proximity to Apps with Nearby

Why proximity? Nearby Messages: pub / sub and BLE / beacons Nearby Connections: offline device detection and peer to peer transfers Nearby Notifications: proximity-based actions Nearby is a proximity API, allowing your apps to detect and communicate with other devices around them. This talk will describe how the Nearby API can be used in your […]

Gophers are coming: Go programming language in the land of Android

Talk will expand on following: What is Go?Why Go?Why on Android?Gomobile introductionBuilding native Go applicationsBuilding Go libraries for use in Java appsDemo showing setup and build processDemo showing calling Go from Java and callbacks into Java from GoGotchas and caveatsIntroduction to using Go to build native and SDK apps on Android Level Intermediate