Hackathon Themes and Prizes


The participants are supposed to bring their own  hardware (i.e. laptop, PCs, mobile devices, extension cords, etc.)


Support during the Hackaton

UDOO: 3. Luca Pisani Michelangelo Guarise Marco Mancini
RELAYR: 2. Hugo and Bernard
SNAPBACK : 1. Claudio Capobianco
ATOOMA: 2. Daniele Stirpe, Luca Barboni
GREENHOUSE: 2 Priit Latt Uku Loskit
DROIDCON: 3 Andrea Basso, Francesco Ronchi, Francesco Brocero


Themes of the hackaton are:

THEME 1 : sense your life to make it fun! creative use of sensors and gestures for the smart objects of your everyday life.

THEME 2: Internet of you, your and others’ things.Hack everyday normal objects and make them smarter and connected.

THEME 3: Make your Things of Internet secure: as they are further integrated into our daily life, what used to be annoying hacks can become dangerous and even life threatening.

Teams can choose one or more themes in any combination.



UDOO: : 5 UDOOs. One for the first 5 best teams developing on UDOO

RELAYR : 3 Wunderbars For the first 3 best teams developing using wunderbars

iBlio : 5 iBLio NODEs BLE 5315 and iBLio uriBeacon DONGLE for the Physical Web

ATOOMA : 1 Nokia Lumia 1520 to the team that develops the best plugin for ATOOMA

SNAPBACK : 1 OnePlus One Sandstone Black 64 GB (with Snapback demo pre-installed) to the best team that develops a snapback based app
1 access to Snapback Premium Programme

GREENHOUSE: 3 month subscription to small business plan program for everyone