Build Fast Multi Device Apps Fast-Workshop

*+-In this demo-oriented session Paweł is going to show how you can quickly build natively compiled, multi-device apps from the same codebase for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Come and see live coding of 2D and 3D mobile user interfaces, using graphics effects and animations for stunning visual user experience, easy integration with REST APIs, […]

Building a magic box, cloud-based backend for your Android apps

*+-In this session, we will explore a way to build a single backend for your Android app, that can also be used for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Xamarin and HTML/JS apps using Azure Mobile Services, a magic box service, that seamlessly and easily allow you to have a database, a way to use different identity […]

Qt: Android and more

*+-Developers working with Qt can use one code base to target multiple operating systems. Sadly, promise and reality diverge quite a bit. This talk starts out by looking at what Qt is, and then goes on to explain specifics on various platforms.

AngularJS: from code to mobile

*+-How to centralize the coding in one place using AngularJS, Grunt, Bower, PhoneGAP and other tools to create a web and mobile application easy to manage, ready to push on the market and able to work with cloud services (AWS) directly from the client. The direct integration of Cloud Based services with client side development […]

Mind the gap!

*+-“An unknown Mobile “country””. A wandering developer from Web “city””. No idea about how to deal with the “droids”. The only available means of transport: the express “”JavaScript”” train, the most up-to-date Html Underground and the confortable and safe CSS Tram. Tension, drama, action and finally, love. This is my story getting started with Android […]