Custom Java compilation tools for Android apps

*+-Code maintenance is one the biggest cost is developing software. Usually code around business logic tends to be messy boilerplate and error prone to maintain. Java and Android provide powerful API to treat code as data 1. Reflection 2. Dynamic Proxy 3. ASM – byte code manipulation 4. JavaPoet 5. Annotations I want to do […]

Android development: from an idea to your first (tested) app

*+-This presentation reviews the process of starting with Android development with a focus on testing. When starting with Android development, you can find tons of resources to help you to start your first app. When it comes to testing, there are a lot of questions you will ask yourself: -which test libraries are around -how […]

Automatising Android Development

*+-Automatising the build and release project will save you time and prevent you from manual mistakes… as long as it is done correctly. This talk will explore which tools and techniques you should use to automatise your Android project and how to correctly apply Continuous Integration – from Jenkins to Gradle scripting – and provide […]