Prototype your Mobile UX design-Workshop

*+-Mobile (User) Experience Design is very important when creating awesome mobile application. This workshop will show you how the professionals do this. Also you will learn how to design a mobile application and how to improve your design skills.

TDD for Android

*+-Delivering updates with confidence; shortening time to market; writing clean and correct code every day: this is the promise of Test-Driven Development. But, it’s not easy to do TDD in Android. You have to either run the tests on the device, or install a complex framework that mimics the Android APIs. Both options slow you […]

Pixel perfect is (not) the new black

*+-UI CHALLENGES —> Digital vs Print – Statical design that will never change versus something that is dynamically changing based on user’s influence and device specific factors. – Static VS user flow. —> The case of Android: many devices and densities – Fragmentation: a challenge that a designer cannot control but need to face in […]

Why Android first?

*+-Designing for multiplatform is a nightmare. Even if the three main OS speak almost the same language, they actually speak three different lingos. Enhancers will showcase an optimal workflow – starting with Android Material – to minimize effort and variations, keeping the user experience (UX) great along all platforms.

Layout Traversals on Android

*+-Understanding how a UI framework behaves under the hood is key if you want to push the boundaries of the platform and write solid UI code. Layout traversals are at the heart of Android’s UI toolkit. What happens behind the scenes in requestLayout() call? What kind of layout optimizations Android implements? In this talk, we’ll […]