Android Wear SDK

*+-Launched in june 2014, android wear is getting more present in people’s life. Starting from an overview of the whole system, we’ll cover how to write wearable applications both on phone and smartwatches, desribing in depth the available API.

Kick-start your experience with Android Wear

*+-With the addition of Android Wear to the Android ecosystem, the “wearables era” is officially opened. Android apps can now extend beyond the limits of smartphone and tablets, providing to the user a new kind of interaction where “less is more” and opening new ways for developers to engage users within their apps. However, the […]

Advanced dev tips for Android Wear

*+-You first Android Wear app is finally complete. A working notification system, a couple of custom wear activities and an exciting voice input control. Now what? In this session, you’ll learn about some of the advanced Android Wear programming guidelines, code optimizations, useful community libraries, best UI patterns seen so far, brilliant watch faces, pitfalls to avoid and other […]